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Memory Lane (2017-somewhere in 2019)

Let's take a trip....

Prior to the birth of Fairway Runway, there wasn't much evidence of my tournament outfits. That could be for the best. After a quick scroll through my iPhone archives, I've decided to step my game up. I don't have links for the majority of these outfits because they are from years past. You. probably wouldn't want them anyways. Enjoy!

2017... I'll call this my "Free People" phase.

Wow! Babies. Far left is the first photo of us at a tournament (Zurich, April 2017)

Middle photo is touring St. Jude Children's Hospital in Memphis

Followed by his first Major win, U.S. Open June 2017. My first 3 week stretch!

The "infamous" AMEN hat

Funny story behind this one. I met (stalked) the owner of the company (Grindin Golf) in Memphis, told him I saw him wearing it at the Masters a few weeks prior and asked him for a hat. After I posted this photo at the U.S. Open, it accumulated some press and sold out multiple times. You're welcome, Lance ;) It is a great hat, and Augusta National will forever hold a special place in my heart.

I'll just call this phase me "transitioning out of my LA closet" and in to tournament wear fashion.

Then, I leaned a little too hard and went full prep. Nothing against preppy fashion, it just isn't me.

I liked these outfits. Especially that orange (center) from Brooks' first PGA Championship win. I felt like I was a true Florida girl rocking a dress with oranges actually on it :)

British Open and various European Tour events

This should be its own blog for another time. I still don't have it down yet. Layering has never been a strong suit of mine. It's cold, windy, rainy, sunny, hot, cloudy, muggy, dry, humid, all at once... just kidding. You experience different climates throughout the day and I'm not sure if I'll get a handle on it. At least Brooks' mom Denise (bottom right- purple), looks great!

Bruce Cupcake

This was so fun. Crafts are my bread and butter. This particular year (2018), Brooks had a nickname of Bruce Cupcake. One of the announcers accidentally called him that, or it sounded like that.... and it stuck. Every other year the Northern Trust visits Boston, which is where Brooks' main friend group lives. I decided to surprise him and make these shirts for his squad. Somehow, he had no idea (I would do this when he got his body worked on, while he was at the gym, and sometimes he was just hanging watching tv and I snuck in to our bathroom and ironed my little heart out!) I had a friend photoshop his face on to the top of a cupcake. I spent hours cutting it out and ironing them on these tees. We wore them on Sunday and he thought it was so great. I love surprises. The back of the shirts had everyone's nicknames on them and various patches that matched their personalities.

The Middle East

Every now and then, Brooks plays tournaments in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Dressing for these countries can be tricky because you want to be respectful of their culture. I was told nothing too short, too revealing, or too tight. I tried to cover my shoulders for the most part as well. That is a great rule for tournament fashion in general.

Don't forget to check the weather forecast

Or don't, and just make the most of it. Kapalua, HI 2018

Augusta National- Masters 2019

It's always fun to play a nod to the famous Augusta Green. Fun fact: the exact shade of the green jacket is trademarked. I loved this heart sweater and this striped romper.

New York to Memphis, Atlanta to LA... these aren't filed under terrible or amazing- just fits that I walked down the "fairway runway" in 2019. Fore!

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